Join us on 4/27 for an intimate evening of parenting support & inspiration. | Lori Petro & Angie Sanders

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One night only!!

The Intuitive You Knows!
April 27th, 2017
7 to 9pm

Parenting shouldn't be this hard. You deserve support.

The kids are always fighting. The house is always messy. Everyone is on your last nerve.

Sound familiar? This evening is for YOU!

The principles of conscious parenting are simple to understand
but implementing them can be tricky.

I'll show you what stops you from trusting yourself and your parenting choices, and what you can do to feel more confident and connected to your kids. Bring your parenting questions and come ready to find your way back to center while learning to communicate better.

You have the power to reduce frustration and create more peace and cooperation in your home.


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I'll also be sharing a sample deck of my new
Conscious Communication Cards. (available soon)

What does "The Intuitive You Knows" even mean?

The truth is - I don't want you to look to me for answers. I want to show you how to intuitively know exactly how you should respond in moments of conflict with your children.

I want to help you realize that even when you think you DON'T know what to say or do - if you trust your intuition - you'll strengthen the power of the bond between you and your children.

Traditional shame based, punitive parenting teaches children to stop trusting their inner knowing - essentially to question themselves at every turn.

Those children grow up to be parents who stop listening to their instincts and let all the noise from their family, culture, facebook, peers etc... to make the decisions. Leads to emotionally disconnected families.

But when we trust our intuition - we can have faith in what we can't see - namely - development that unfolds slowly. How do you trust your intuition when you're stressed out and operating from fight or flight?

You'll have to take some important steps, first! Join us.

Good Life Academy
18719 Calvert St.
Tarzana CA, 91335

Lori Petro & Angie Sanders
Lori Petro & Angie Sanders
TEACH through Love Parent Educators

Child advocate and the founder of TEACH through Love, Lori Petro, is thrilled to be back in Los Angeles on April 27th - for one night only - joining TEACH certified parent educator and adoption advocate, Angie Sanders of Evolving Parents, for this special event.

Questions about this event? Call: 1-844-279-0118

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