You deserve to thrive. This is our chance to connect in an intimate group session. We'll find new solutions to old problems. | Lori Petro

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You want to set limits without yelling or arguing.
But nothing seems to work. Why is it so hard?

  • Do you constantly yell even though you're trying so hard NOT to get triggered?

  • Are you dreading the upcoming season because holiday cheer means mayhem for your sensory sensitive child?

  • Do you wish that you could rely on something other than willpower to get you through tough times? 

When you're feeling depleted, worn-out or without resources, it's almost impossible to parent with confidence.

Anger rules. Demands become routine and threats follow soon after.

If you are stuck in power-struggles, arguing over the smallest of requests or wondering why your children just won't listen - you've landed in the right place. 

Every few months as the season begin to shift, our members-only parenting support circle opens to new families. I've created a place for you to find new insights to old, stagnant patterns of arguing and punishing. You'll learn tools to help you solve your child's most puzzling behaviors by creating connection through how you communicate.

The truth is - most of the "behavioral challenges" we experience are the result of the emotional climate in our homes. In these sessions, we'll ask the tough questions so you don't waste time on 
consequences that don't work!

Come with your pain. Receive support from understanding, compassionate people. Leave with real tools for change!

Usually only available when purchased alongside one of my on-demand programs, you can now sign-up for these twice-monthly Q&A calls and join our private Facebook group.

Ask questions on our live calls or post them to our private forum - everything is recorded - so you never have to worry about missing a call. Just email your challenges and listen to the recordings later.

This amazing community has grown to include hundreds of parents, teachers, counselors, and committed conscious folks who offer a special kind of love and listening - pretty much whenever you need it!

Did you know that having someone listen to YOU and validate your experiences - even if they offer NO advice - can make you more tolerant and increase your patience and compassion for your children and others.

Who listens to you?

You have struggled alone long enough.
You were not built to withstand the stress of modern life without support.
You need tools and a community.

Renew your soul and restore the peace.



Subscriptions available in 1, 3 or 6 month packages and automatically renew after each period.

Lori has a gift for taking the ideas of conscious parenting and making them concrete by teaching us how to communicate in new ways.
Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist & Author of The Conscious Parent

I really feel like this is a miracle!! So many positive changes in our family thanks to you, Lori!
Jill Keuth, Colorado

Lori has created a catalyst to ignite greater intimacy, consciousness and truth within families and in turn, change our world. TEACH through Love is a powerful model - a true gem for parents and educators everywhere!
Annie Burnside, Author of Soul to Soul Parenting

Lori , you are truly amazing! What a fabulous Q&A call. I feel a hundred times better and needed to hear every word you had to say. My heart thanks you for your compassion. I'm glad to be a part of this class and appreciate your work.
Lavanda Loncharich, Texas

Thank goodness I found Lori! She’s helped make me be a better parent and person. I feel more connected to my 5 year-old son now. Because of her, I now have the tools to have more empathy and understanding of my son. She gives specific, real-world steps and guidance that will make life easier. When I apply what I’ve learned, magically the challenging behavior has changed. I’m eternally grateful to Lori and all she’s shared with me.
Angie Sanders, Founder, Adoptive Families Support Group, Los Angeles, CA

Lori, you have transformed our house!
Diane Dawson, California

When it feels like your kids will never "learn to listen" or the obligations will never stop and no one understands, we're here for you!

Subscriptions available in 1, 3 or 6 month packages and automatically renew after each period.

Seriously, don’t give it one more thought. RUN, don’t walk! Lori’s parenting classes will change your life and your relationship with your child.
Cheli Samaras, California

Thank you for your work and the willingness to share your passion. My family has changed because of this, and I'm eternally grateful.
Kirista Berry, California

Thank you for giving me my son back!
Kimberley Balfour, California

Wow, the mp3s are really gifts that keep on giving. They are brilliant. I absorb the most while listening on my iPod during my runs. Yesterday really blew my mind. Understanding the science behind it makes me able to feel even more compassion for where children are. It is such a relief to find your work and this whole approach. I really resonate with it and deeply want to build a solid relationship of good communication with my daughter. I am ecstatic to find this now. Mahalo a nui loa.
Hina Knebuhl, Hawaii

Working with Lori Petro has been an absolute gift from God! The monthly member support calls are invaluable! She has given me the tools to create a cooperative, respectful and connected relationship with my daughter. I am forever grateful to her for the results we experience in our home everyday. We are all so much happier!
Jennifer Miskiel, Pennsylvania

Lori is a wealth of knowledge and a true professional in her field. She is worth every penny you will spend on this series. If you are willing to be open and put into practice the things she teaches, you will, without a doubt, have no regrets.
Suzanne Teter, Pennsylvania

Lori is really great at giving you very clear direction about what to do in your situation. Have no fear! Her knowledge of children’s developmental stages and the information she has combined with a generous heart make her an absolutely amazing resource.
Jennifer Fitch, California


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  3. All 2017 classes are held by telephone on the 2nd and LAST Monday of each month @11am ET
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Lori Petro
Lori Petro
Speaker, Parent Educator, Child Advocate

Lori is a certified parent educator and Mom on the spectrum who has helped thousands of parents find peace in their homes. She holds a bachelors in Education and founded TEACH through Love as a vehicle to help heal multi-generational cycles of fractured family relationships by providing parents with a new framework for conscious parenting and communication.

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