Imagine if you could...

  • Enjoy spending time with your kids - doing the things you love (instead of nagging, arguing, and punishing)!

  • Set boundaries with confidence (instead of guilt or anger) and stay calm in the face of "defiance."

  • Embrace your child's stage of development and stop second-guessing yourself - wondering, “Am I doing the best for my child?”

  • Reduce power struggles and raise your tolerance for conflict and stress.

  • Communicate in ways that increase cooperation and model respect.

  • Know how to help your child - without force - when they're struggling with their behaviors.

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You are not alone! 
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You can become the calm, confident parent you've always wanted to be - and the one your child deserves.

I'm so excited that you're here. I'm Lori, and I created TEACH THROUGH LOVE to help you communicate in ways that increase cooperation and respect!

I'll help you breakthrough deeply rooted beliefs about “discipline,” which keep you stuck in cycles of negativity with your kids, and bring back peace and harmony in your family.

Join me in my online community to connect with other like-minded parents to share stories and ideas and to support each other as we learn to be more conscious and compassionate.

Learn to set limits that your children respect.

It's time to turn your punitive and reactive language into communication which builds your child’s skills, relieves stress, and strengthens your relationship.

Lori Petro, founder of TEACH THROUGH LOVE.
"My husband and I just completed the Conscious Communication course and we just cannot thank you enough for the ways this course has affected our lives. We are seeing big changes. We had the instinct, the intention and the determination for conscious parenting, but lacked the skills and tools required to actually make it happen until now. A million times, thank you.

Danielle Senini, Australia
Lori Petro and children

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