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Do you have a passion for learning the principles of conscious parenting and communication?

Do you long for a kinder, more compassionate world?

Do you love sharing the ideas and tools you've learned with other families?

Do you want to invest in your community by helping parents raise emotionally healthy children?

Would you like to make an impact serving others and healing the hearts of families?

It seems so many families are struggling and looking for answers.

My Parent Educator Program was created to change that. 

Changing hardwired patterns of thinking and promoting the principles of conscious parenting and communication takes a village! Together, we can show parents how much more peaceful life can be when we let go of control and punitive consequences and embrace compassion.

The program is structured to walk you through the process of deepening your understanding of the root causes of behavior, and the emotional needs of children so that you can lead other families in making the long-lasting changes they're hoping to make.


We have been conditioned by society to believe that emotional engagement is synonymous with a lack of discipline. We have been taught that tending to emotions coddles children and leaves them vulnerable to the cruelties of the “real world.”

In truth, the conscious model shows us how to nurture empathy, creativity, self-reflection, and intuition in our children so that they grow into independent, socially competent, flexible adults who feel a sense of purpose and motivation in their lives. 

In this six-month, intensive, trauma-informed program, we'll explore child development, conscious communication, emotional regulation, the science behind attachment, and mindful practices crucial to supporting the social-emotional needs of children.

You'll embark on a journey of healing old wounds so you can practice the core values of empathy and compassion in your relationships, as well as help others apply them to their parenting.

We will study the theories and values integral to respectful parenting including the 8 TEACH Principles of Conscious Parenting.

Core aspects of the program include developing your passion and understanding of non-punitive parenting and helping you craft your unique message, so you can and bring this work into the greater community. You'll receive guidance in our online webinars and group calls, private chat forums, and you'll have the chance to practice the skills you've gained by helping parents in need.


  • 8 Principles of Conscious Parenting Curriculum & Digital Workbook + Slides 
  • 1 deck of Conscious Communication Cards
  • 6-Month Program w/weekly meetings
  • Access to my library of online programs to prepare for our training sessions (immediate access) $1500 value
  • Access to over 60 hours of cataloged parent Q&A sessions to reference and support your learning (immediate access) $2000 value
  • Private Facebook Group for Certified Educators 
  • 8-hour practicum & case study/presentation required for certification




There is a growing body of research which supports emotionally intelligent discipline rooted in attachment. We can change the future of our world by raising children who feel valued, connected, and learn to problem-solve cooperatively.

Through the lens of supportive relationships, stress-reduction, and skill-building, you will come to understand the message behind behavior, and develop your skills as a listener, using empathy to guide individuals through a process of self-discovery, healing, and transformation.

Topics we cover include -

  • Reprogramming our habits and thoughts.
  • Clearing emotional patterns.
  • Recognizing trauma and managing stress.
  • Relationships and developing resilience.
  • Decoding challenging behaviors.  
  • Brain development and increasing motivation.  
  • Executive function challenges and skill-building tools.
  • Emotional regulation and sensory tools.
  • Conscious communication and discipline with empathy.
  • Mindful spaces at home and school.
  • Effective leadership as a parent educator.

This course involves more than monthly readings, meetings, and assignments. Each week, you will enter a space of deep personal work and develop a plan to authentically share your knowledge without seeming like "just another expert." 

I am offering you the opportunity to find your unique voice and reach the clients who most need your gifts and talents. Whether your goal is to bring this work into your local community or spread your message far and wide, you'll develop the insight you need to compassionately lead families out of cycles of blame, shame, judgment, and guilt.    



"When my daughter was born, she would cry forever. I didn't know how to handle myself. I was scared, so I started looking for books and trainings and many different things that could help me.  I got to Positive Discipline, and I trained myself as a parent educator. But still, I was feeling that something was missing because I was using the tools but still feeling the anger. I didn't know why. I found your class, and I just dreamed about it because I read the curricula and I said "I think this is what need. " I talked to you about being able to be part of your program, and it all started to change, and it all started to become easier."
Mariana Ocampo, Teacher, 2017 Program Graduate

"Thank you for creating the Parent Educator Course! Your attention to detail in the instructions and thoughtfulness around each module makes each lesson clear and easy to follow. I feel so blessed to be supported by you and your expertise. Our family was literally saved because of TEACH through Love and my own road to healing.  I am now determined and inspired to help others know that there is a better way to parent and hope for true connection with their own children.  Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! "
Carrie Reed, Parent Educator, 2017 Program Graduate

"Thank goodness I found Lori Petro! She’s helped make me be a better parent and person. I feel more connected to my son, and because of her, I now have the tools to have more empathy and understanding of him. She gives specific, real-world steps and guidance that will make life easier. When I apply what I’ve learned, magically, the challenging behavior has changed. I’m eternally grateful to Lori and all she’s shared with me."
Angie Sanders, Parent Educator, 2016 Program Graduate

"After discovering TEACH through Love in 2010, I embarked on a journey filled with hope and determination. Thanks to Lori and the TEACH model, I have learned the tools I needed to shift my parenting from unconscious to conscious, from "power-over" to "relationship with." As a teacher, these tools have also allowed me to support the shift in others. In September 2012, I opened the first TEACH through Love inspired school, Downtown Community School. My journey has been transformative, powerful, and nothing short of amazing. This is how we change the world! "
Emily McCrea, Teacher & Parent Educator, 2015 Program Graduate 

"This course has changed so many of my beliefs about what our responsibility to children is, and it feels so right. Lori is a passionate teacher and always finds the time for any question or concern. The curriculum is so well thought out and interactive. I am also learning so much from the others in my class. I cannot wait to share this way of being with other parents."  
Sara Lebow, Parent Educator, 2019 Program Graduate

"I resonate so deeply with the material Lori presents in this course. On a personal level, it has been one of the most transformative periods of my life. There is just so much richness in this course i feel i will be digesting and integrating it all for a long time to come. Lori is a passionate and dedicated facilitator who imparts her knowledge with amazing authenticity and depth of understanding. I finally found my 'fit' with her material after years of searching and I feel blessed to have connected with such a wonderful group of women who shared and grew together so honestly” 
Tam Drury, Parent Educator, 2019 Program Graduate

"Lori Petro has created a catalyst to ignite greater intimacy, consciousness, and truth within families and in turn, change our world. TEACH through Love is a powerful model - a true gem for parents and educators everywhere!!"
Annie Burnside, Author of Soul to Soul Parenting


"Lori has a gift for taking the ideas of conscious parenting and making them concrete by teaching us how to communicate in new ways." 
Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Author of The Conscious Parent  


"I've been talking it up to everyone I can. I work as a therapist, and it's been so helpful with the parents of my clients!"
Lauren Hartz, Mobile Therapist  

"Thank you for reminding me not to be so hard on myself. Your classes are great!"  
Carrie Wright, Social Worker  


"Many thanks for another superb talk. I know my students valued the information, and of course, so did." 
Dr. Amy Saia, Drexel University

"Our parents raved about Lori's classes."
Helen Flores, Children's Bureau, Los Angeles

Enrollment for the 2019-2020 Fall Session is NOW OPEN!  READ THE FAQ   

All webinars and workshops are recorded. At least 75% attendance in the weekly live meetings is required to enroll in this program.**

Participants will receive certification as a TEACH through Love Parent Educator once they demonstrate proficiency in the required knowledge and mastery of the skills needed to be an effective leader in parent education. A minimum of 8 hours of practicum experience is required to obtain certification. Certification and licensing will be granted on an individual basis and is renewable after 2 years. Click here to learn more about the program!  

Program Registration Fees: $5,999

Space is limited. Payment plans available.
Returning Student Discount: $400


*Payment plans included additional admin fees.

For returning students (excludes Kickstarter backers) who have completed at least 2 of the courses below OR my Peaceful Solutions for Parents & Kids online program, program fees will be discounted by $400. If choosing a payment plan above, the discount will be applied after the first payment.

Conscious Communication
Supporting Sensitive Children
Transform Your Parenting
Helping Kids Thrive Beyond Trauma

Fundamentals of Family Peace Full Series


Lori Petro
Lori Petro
Founder & Child Advocate

Lori has helped thousands of parents find peace in their homes. She holds a bachelors in Early Childhood & Elementary Education and a Parent Instructor certification in trauma-informed care. She founded TEACH through Love as a vehicle to help heal multi-generational cycles of fractured family relationships by providing parents with a new framework for conscious parenting and communication.