If you're always saying, "I just wish my kids would listen."

You're in the right place and it's time to move away from...

  • Yelling and arguing.

  • Punishment and blame.

  • Stress and power struggles.

  • Feeling like the kids run the house.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and out of patience, this FREE 10-Day Online Retreat is the perfect reset you need to gain more clarity, confidence, and cooperation!

What's Included:

First, this is not like other events. You will not find:

  • Dozens of speakers with too many topics to overwhelm you.

  • Hours of interviews with a lot of theory but not much real-life application.

  • Expired content disappearing just as you find some time to yourself.

  • More stress because you can’t make time for the limited-access viewing.

Daily Activities & Chats

Take Your Time

This event is - 100% sit in your PJs and wait for me to visit you in your inbox. 

There is ONE daily email with your "retreat exercise" and multiple opportunities to chat  and discuss YOUR experience

Just you, me, and our Daily Support Session HostsThese are women I trust to take good care of you and I have personally trained them in the Teach Through Love program.

And every activity, tool, and audio is sent to your email for you to keep - forever! 

This 10-day online event will show you how to reduce your family's stress and chaos so you can experience more calm and cooperation.

  • Daily Email Prompts Stay on-track with personal discovery exercises that will transform the way you view and approach negative behavior.

  • Support Sessions Recorded video chats with Teach Parent Educators discussing the daily topics and helping you apply the tools and information you're learning.

  • Life-Changing Tools A path that finally explains how to turn the "theory" behind conscious parenting into real ACTION.

  • Conscious Communication Language examples and sample conversation starters for when you "get it" but don't know what to say.

  • Welcoming Community Join families following the same conscious parenting path and get support and ideas in our private group!

  • Your Questions Answered Q&A audios with limit-setting scenarios and supportive tools to help you speak to your kids in ways that make them WANT to listen to you.

Reflect, Renew, & Restore

Discover a more confident, capable YOU!

It's going to be amazing!

We've had thousands of parents go through this 10-day transformation and they're waiting to support you! 

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