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MAKE THE SHIFT TO CONSCIOUS PARENTING: In this 30-minute session, you'll investigate your past experiences and reflect on how they have shaped your present-day perspective and continue to impact every facet of your life - from your relationships and self-esteem, to your beliefs about your kids and your success as a parent.

I'll show you how unconscious beliefs are sabotaging your peace and your well-meaning efforts to raise competent, thoughtful, self-regulated children. Then, I'll walk you step-by-step through the process of letting them go, so you can make the shift to feeling confident about the decisions you make as a parent.

You have the potential to be a powerful influence in the lives of your children, but not if you continue to operate from fear and control. I can help you find the peace and cooperation you're looking for, but you have to be willing to unpack the baggage of your past.

That might just feel like an impossible task when you can't seem to stop yelling and arguing with your kids.

If you have no idea how to change such persistent habits, I've got your back!

  • how to shift out of anger and blame by re-framing behavior and re-placing the unconscious beliefs that cause you to react and become stressed by negative behavior

  • to look beyond the actions you see with the intent on addressing the root cause of behavior

  • how to give children quality feedback which secures your influence and promotes the growth of their emerging skills

  • to identify the unhealthy emotional patterns that keep you stuck in a cycle of punishments and misbehavior

In this 30-minute audio/video presentation and accompanying personal discovery exercises, you'll look closely your early home environment and the messages you received from your family relationships, culture, and community and examine how they may be leading you to unknowingly or unfairly judge your children and their behavior.

Once you realize how your experience shapes your perceptions, it's much easier to find compassion for your children.

Compassion allows you to set limits without feeling emotionally triggered.

This is the next step to moving into an emotionally satisfying relationship with your kids. Make the Shift to Conscious Parenting is part of the eight-session collection, The Fundamentals of Family Peace.

When you register for this session, you'll receive immediate access to your audio/video materials and your handouts (PDF downloads). This class is available on-demand and does not expire. You can listen to it at your convenience by logging into your dashboard and streaming the files from your course classroom.

Even though this is a single-session online class, I don't want to leave you alone without any guidance. So, I'm also including 30 days of bi-monthly live group support (2 calls - also recorded) and an invitation to join my client-only private Facebook group. There is a community of conscious parents waiting to support you.

You'll find that when you change the way you think - everything changes. So, don't wait. Register for this half-hour parenting session, today!

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All 2017 Support Calls are the 2nd and last Monday of each month @11am ET.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you. Loved this class & I look forward to taking more of your classes.
Kirista Berry, California

I have enjoyed the classes so much. Yesterday I was triggered and caught myself and began to investigate, found the needs and instead of beating myself up for them - my heart broke open and sobbing commenced. I have some hardened ideas beginning to be softened. Thank you!
Jana Massey, Tennessee

This class is helping our family so much. I want you to know that I have read countless books and blogs, and talked to everyone around me for advice, but nothing compares to the perfect fit of this class for us. I am so happy to have concrete and practical methods to apply and real language that I trust to use! You are doing a most important job!!! Thank you!
 Yasmin & Billy Shaddox, California

Lori Petro
Lori Petro
Speaker, Parent Educator, Child Advocate

Lori is a certified parent educator and Mom on the spectrum who has helped thousands of parents find peace in their homes. She holds a bachelors in Education and founded TEACH through Love as a vehicle to help heal multi-generational cycles of fractured family relationships by providing parents with a new framework for conscious parenting and communication.