Sometimes, you might not know what to say OR do to help your kids.

And sometimes, you just need a little support and inspiration.

You are the only expert on your child. No one else is inside your home, living the experiences, challenges, and obstacles you and your child work through every day.

Our community events put the power back into your hands so you can make the ideas of conscious parenting work for your family.

That's what we do each month in our live sessions. 

  • Make sense of conscious parenting. 
  • Talk to the root of the behavior.
  • Apply conscious parenting tools to your situation.
  • Find support and inspiration.

I believe that the most significant parenting shifts are made when we gather in community to share our stories. 

We hold a live webinar and Q&A each month to help us understand and communicate with our kids. By sharing and listening to other parents and professionals, we can learn to increase our tolerance and compassion for our kids 

Can't make the live sessions? No worries! All sessions are recorded. Includes access to the library of past webinars (hundreds of hours of archived calls. Pre-2020 calls are searchable by topic)


Calls are currently held on the first Wednesday of the month unless otherwise noted in the calendar. 

2023 sessions begin on Wednesday, Jan 11, 2023. Session times change 1/2 way through the year to accommodate more time zones. 

January 2023 - June 2023 calls @11am PT / 2pm ET. 

From our community...

Let's go from fear to love.

Get support during challenging times.

Parenting shouldn't be this hard. You deserve support. Join our community of conscious parents today for only 8.88 (and get the first month free).

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