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A 40-day path to peace in your home.

Do you ever think to yourself...

  • How can I be sure I am raising a kind, respectful, responsible, emotionally stable, and independent child?

  • I wish I could yell less, slow down, and step back and BREATHE rather than jump into the middle of chaos.

  • I want to become more present and aware so that I can RESPOND to my child instead of reacting from fear and stress.

  • I want to stop being ruled by my inner critic and finally break the cycle of conflict and negativity in my home.

Do you know where the "best parenting advice" comes from?

With so many conflicting suggestions coming from peers, family, parenting "experts," physicians, and of course, Facebook - your intuition can get lost in all the noise.

The truth is - YOU are the only expert on your child. Only you can decide what is best for your child in each moment - if you learn to listen to yourself.

Peaceful Solutions for Parents & Kids is a 40-Day path to restore peace & calm in your home.

In this ON-DEMAND COURSE, you'll discover SIX critical elements necessary for creating peaceful solutions to your family challenges.

If you are tired of using a million tricks (that never feel good) to get your kids to listen, this series will lay a solid foundation for you to increase your self-awareness, and maintain an open heart as you learn tools for building a new framework for peaceful interaction - not just with your kids, but with everyone in your life.

Become the parent your child needs you to be!

  • Searchable Q&A Audio Archive

  • Daily Video Lessons

  • Private Forum To Ask Questions

  • PDF Workbook With Exercises

In this course you’ll learn...

  • How to be less controlling without being permissive.

  • How to maintain a calm and consistent presence - even when your kids can't!

  • How to break free of painful patterns and old habits of reacting.

  • How to set healthy boundaries and create win-win situations for you and your child.

  • How to gain the cooperation you are looking for without nagging.

  • ONE TOOL that is way more effective than ANY "logical consequence" or 1-2-3 training technique.

Life can get messy, scary and even downright awful. However, if you have the tools to manage your emotions and reactions, you can build a buffer to stress enabling you to handle whatever comes your way... including your child's tantrums, backtalk, aggression, hitting, sibling-rivalry, defiance, and disrespect.

This is beneficial for you - but the impact on your child is more than EXTRAORDINARY.  

By becoming aware of your triggers and consciously choosing to be responsible for your words and actions, you dramatically impact the willingness of your child to complete tasks and contribute to others and reduce the level of negativity in your home.  

The bonus for your children? You pass on a framework of positive coping skills they can use for life.

Lori has a gift for taking the ideas of conscious parenting and making them concrete by teaching us how to communicate in new ways. 
Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist & Author of The Conscious Parent  

Lori! So grateful for your amazing work and how it continues to transform our family for the better.
Danielle Senini, Australia

Lori Petro has created a catalyst to ignite greater intimacy, consciousness, and truth within families and in turn, change our world. TEACH through Love is a powerful model - a true gem for parents and educators everywhere!! 
Annie Burnside, Author of Soul to Soul Parenting

I really feel like this is a miracle!! So many positive changes in our family thanks to you Lori! 
Jill Keuth, Colorado

Lori Petro, you are truly amazing! What a fabulous Q&A call. I feel a hundred times better and needed to hear every word you had to say. My heart thanks you for your compassion. I'm glad to be a part of this class and appreciate your work.
Lavanda Loncharich, Texas 

Thank goodness I found Lori Petro! She’s helped make me be a better parent and person. I feel more connected to my 5-year-old son now. Because of her, I now have the tools to have more empathy and understanding of my son. She gives specific, real-world steps and guidance that will make life easier. When I apply what I’ve learned, magically the challenging behavior has changed. I’m eternally grateful to Lori and all she’s shared with me. 
Angie Sanders, Founder, Adoptive Families Support Group, Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to tell you that... I get it!! Lori, I get it now. I have the tools to help my son navigate negative moments with others, and do it in such a way that makes sense to him and me - and the other child or adult without me feeling stupid. Thank you. Thank you for your work. You are amazing. 
Kirista Berry, British Columbia

Thank you for giving me my son back! 
Kimberley Balfour, California

I absolutely loved this class. I learned so much just from the first session. It has already changed my life! Love you for all you do! 
Strawberri Young, Utah

My wife and I highly benefited from Lori's TEACH program. We have been able to successfully discipline our daughter using non-traditional parenting methods. We recommend this course to every parent we know.
Todd & White Simon, California

Thank you so much for reminding me not to be so hard on myself. Your classes are great.
Carrie Wright, Social Worker

I have enjoyed the classes so much. Yesterday I was triggered and caught myself and began to investigate, found the needs and instead of beating myself up for them - my heart broke open and sobbing commenced. I have some hardened ideas beginning to be softened. Thank you! 
Jana Massey, Tennessee 

This class is helping our family so much. I want you to know that I have read countless books and blogs, and talked to everyone around me for advice, but nothing compares to the perfect fit of this class for us. I am so happy to have concrete and practical methods to apply and real language that I trust to use! You are doing a most important job!!! Thank you! 
Yasmin & Billy Shaddox, California

Working with Lori Petro in person has been an absolute gift from God! The monthly member support calls are invaluable! She has given me the tools to create a cooperative, respectful and connected relationship with my daughter. I am forever grateful to her for the results we experience in our home every day. We are all so much happier! 
Jennifer Miskiel, Pennsylvania

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this programme, on two levels, as a scientist and a mum of a 16-year-old. I loved how Lori intertwines the science of the brain, of emotions with conscious parenting. To me even though my son is now 16, it was so valuable to listen to her knowledge on this topic, and most of all, how she really shares her heart with the listeners. This work is precious, as it is laying the ground layer of the next generations to come, and what can be better than providing the space for parents to open their hearts to being mindful and conscious parents. Thank you, Lori, your work is a precious gift to the world. 
Charan Sudhar, Epigeneticist, UK

Excellent class today Lori!! Great information. Wonderful. So glad to be participating. SO glad to be raising my children on a conscious path. In the long run, it's really the easier way to parent for sure! My 8 & 12-year-old were listening in today and were raising their hands and answering your questions.
Judy Shannon, California


Lori is really great at giving you very clear direction about what to do in your situation. Have no fear! Her knowledge of children’s developmental stages and the information she has combined with a generous heart make her an absolutely amazing resource. 
Jennifer Fitch, California

Lori is a wealth of knowledge and a true professional in her field. She is worth every penny you will spend on this series. If you are willing to be open and put into practice the things she teaches, you will, without a doubt, have no regrets. 
Suzanne Teter, Pennsylvania

Wow, the mp3s are really gifts that keep on giving. They are brilliant. I absorb the most while listening on my iPod during my runs. Yesterday really blew my mind. Understanding the science behind it makes me able to feel even more compassion for where children are. It is such a relief to find your work and this whole approach. I really resonate with it and deeply want to build a solid relationship of good communication with my daughter. I am ecstatic to find this now. Mahalo a nui loa. 
Hina Knebuhl, Hawaii

I know I keep saying it, but your service and education are so valuable, thank you! 
Alina Ovadia, California

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This parenting class will reveal...

  • Why self-care is your greatest asset and the most direct route to rewiring your unhealthy patterns, and how it affects your child's sense of security.

  • The TWO greatest factors contributing to the disconnection with your kids and how to shift the dynamic among family members to build connection.

  • How your past experiences have shaped your present life and how to take control of your future by releasing the past and building authentic relationships.

  • How the traditional advice on child-rearing sabotages your child's development and what really supports healthy brain development.

  • Why your child behaves the way he does and how to support the delicate stages of learning and growth with preventative measures.

  • How deepening your listening skills will ease your frustration, and bring you closer so you can tolerate your child's behavior long enough to understand it and address the root causes.

  • Why it is crucial that you reframe your language, attitude, and tone and become more mindful in your interactions - and a formula for doing exactly that.

  • Why the best parenting advice comes from knowing your kid and how to boost your emotional intelligence & raise your response-ability.

  • How to give quality feedback - a more effective choice than using shame and control and how to tell the difference in your discipline.

  • How to set limits compassionately w/out giving in or resorting to punitive consequences and language for specific scenarios!

The ABC's of Conscious Parenting Audio & Companion Report (MP3 + PDF)

This 47-page e-book guide and (90 min) mp3 audio seminar + transcript will outline the philosophy behind conscious parenting. The ultimate conscious parenting primer!

Q&A Audio Archive Access

One-year access to my time-stamped, searchable archive of recorded Q&A sessions. Listen to real parents uncover their own blocks to conscious parenting and find answers to your most-asked parenting questions! 

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Ask questions in our Facebook Live sessions, share stories and get feedback which supports and inspires you to be the parent you want to be. Join hundreds of conscious parents on the same path waiting to support you in our private online community. 

Meet Lori

Lori Petro

Founder & Child Advocate

Lori Petro

Lori is a certified parent educator and Mom on the spectrum who has helped thousands of parents find peace in their homes. She holds a bachelors in Education and founded TEACH through Love as a vehicle to help heal multi-generational cycles of fractured family relationships by providing parents with a new framework for conscious parenting and communication.

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