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I know what it's like to have a child who...

  • goes from 0 to 60 in .005 seconds
  • gets stuck in rigid routines
  • seems anxious and disorganized
  • has sensory challenges
  • has trouble seeing other points of view
  • is easily distracted & angered in a flash
  • is smart, creative, and highly empathetic

I also know what it is like to BE that child. 

Confused, stressed, overwhelmed, and feeling disrespected is how I spent much of my childhood. Angering others seemed to be my specialty but I had no skills to change, even though I "knew better."

My parents didn't know what to do. 

As an adult, I learned that along with having sensory processing challenges, I was also on the Autism Spectrum (Aspergers). It was then that my mission to help parents understand their children became even more clear.

My childhood experience, insight, and sensitivity are what allow me to walk in your shoes and understand your reality. And, since I also seem to be raising a daughter just like me, I can help you decode those behaviors that seem unreasonable, persistent or defiant.

My goal is to empower you with the tools you need to communicate respectfully and create peace in your home.

You can help your children develop the skills they need to reach their full potential and thrive - if you focus on the three key areas of support 
which I discuss in my BRAND NEW series

If you are a parent, teacher, or caregiver who...  

  • Walks on eggshells trying not to set-off your highly-sensitive child.
  • Worries about the meltdowns which end with your child in a puddle of incoherent tears.
  • is concerned that your child is purposefully defying you.
  • is determined not to let your child run the show in your home.
  • wants to reach a child who seems disinterested, unmotivated or distant.
  • wants to commit to strengthening your relationship, soothing stress, and building your child's skills.

or if your child...

  • is consistently inflexible. 
  • seems to overreact to small changes
  • appears more connected to devices than people.
  • is unable to self-regulate or control their impulses
  • wakes up and never stops moving
  • is socially awkward or unable to relate to peers
  • has trouble maintaining focus, completing tasks or following directions.
  • looks for help - even in situations where independence is expected.

Then, this On-Demand Series is for you.   

When the noise is overwhelming and the chaos seems never-ending, you can find support with us. In this on-demand audio/video series you'll receive -

  • 5 hours of content presented in short (10-15 min) self-paced audio/video content.
  • Workbook w/ over 40 exercises + activities to strengthen your skills (PDF).
  • Private Facebook Community with hundreds of families on the same path.

There is always someone ready to support you.

Lori! Your class is phenomenal! I am full of gratitude to you for the work you do to be a voice for the children. I have shared your name and website with the classes you offer with many of my patients. 
Yulia  Brockdorf, RD, LD, CDE, CPT, CS, NCC, LPC-i, Oregon

Lori! So grateful for your amazing work and how it continues to transform our family for the better.  
Danielle Senini, Australia

Lori Petro has created a catalyst to ignite greater intimacy, consciousness, and truth within families, and in turn, change our world. TEACH through Love is a powerful model - a true gem for parents and educators everywhere!  
Annie Burnside, Author of Soul to Soul Parenting

I really feel like this is a miracle!! So many positive changes in our family thanks to you, Lori!   
Jill Keuth, Colorado

Lori Petro, you are truly amazing! What a fabulous Q&A call. I feel a hundred times better and needed to hear every word you had to say. My heart thanks you for your compassion. I'm glad to be a part of this class and appreciate your work.      
Lavanda Loncharich, Texas

Focusing on three areas of emotional and behavioral support, we will scaffold a foundation of success rooted in attachment, self-regulation, and skill development to help you and your child -

  • connect more deeply - even during stress

  • understand what motivates rigid behavior and obsessive thoughts

  • establish coping tools to reduce anxiety and manage worries

  • adapt to sensory sensitivities and build tolerance

  • strengthen executive function skills to stay calm and focused

  • overhaul your communication and remove the triggering language that perpetuates negativity

  • communicate in ways that increase connection, motivation, and cooperation




Private Facebook Community You'll never feel alone when others are a few clicks away. The discussion is always happening, always enlightening and some of the best a-HA moments happen here in our Client-Only Private Facebook Group.

Access to our Archive of over 200 Q&A Support Calls  This time-stamped, searchable database of recorded parenting Q&As has helped hundreds of families create changes that last.  

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This class is recommended for parents of children age five and older who are highly reactive, aggressive, have trouble integrating sensory information, or who have developmental differences which make them rigid, chronically inflexible or prevent them from connecting with others in meaningful ways.  

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Lori Petro
Lori Petro
Founder & Child Advocate

Lori has helped thousands of parents find peace in their homes. She holds a bachelors in Early Childhood & Elementary Education and a Parent Instructor certification in trauma-informed care. She founded TEACH through Love as a vehicle to help heal multi-generational cycles of fractured family relationships by providing parents with a new framework for conscious parenting and communication.