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I know what it's like to have a child who...

  • goes from 0 to 60 in .005 seconds
  • gets stuck in rigid routines
  • seemsanxious and disorganized
  • has trouble seeing other points of view
  • is easily distracted, angered in a flash, and intensely sensitive
  • is smart, creative, and highly empathic


I also know what it is like to BE that child.

Confused, stressed, overwhelmed, and feeling disrespected is how I spent much of my childhood. Angering others seemed to be my specialty but I had no skills to change, even though I "knew better." 

Lori Petro
Lori Petro
Founder & Child Advocate

Lori has helped thousands of parents find peace in their homes. She holds a bachelors in Early Childhood & Elementary Education and a Parent Instructor certification in trauma-informed care. She founded TEACH through Love as a vehicle to help heal multi-generational cycles of fractured family relationships by providing parents with a new framework for conscious parenting and communication.

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