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THE SCIENCE BEHIND BEHAVIOR: In this 50-minute double video session, you'll unravel the meaning of your child's behavior by understanding how the brain develops. As a conscious parent, you know you have to be the model of behavior you want to see in your kids, but what about when you are being self-regulated, calm, and compassionate - and their behavior still doesn't change?

What then?

This is not a parental failure. Most parents mistakenly have expectations that are above and beyond their child's developmental ability. Whether it is culture, tradition, society, religion, or fear that has clouded your view of your child's behavior - this class is going to bring it all back into perspective. 

You may think that your first grader should have better control of his impulses or that your defiant teen should be more respectful, but once you know the true purpose of immaturity and the root causes of your child's behavior, you'll feel confident that change is happening -
even when you can't see it.

  • to promote the growth of emerging skills by identifying your child's stage of brain development

  • how to work with these stages and adjust your expectations to positively affect your child's state of regulation, mood, skills, and behavior

  • why you need to investigate what calms you and your kids and how to turn a negative brain state to a positive brain state

  • to support the development of pro-social behaviors by using my behavioral compass to quickly identify what your child needs in the moment

In this 50-minute audio/video presentation and accompanying personal discovery exercises, you'll discover the real reason kids "misbehave.” If you don't understand the message your child is communicating - you'll find yourself in a cycle of persistent negative behavior! 

The activity worksheets in this session will outline basic brain facts, give you the words to help your children communicate how they feel and what they need, and teach you to implement tools for reducing stress so you can think before you act.

Conscious parenting promotes healthy brain development.

Move from behavior-focused discipline to relationship-focused connection

When you register for this session, you'll receive immediate access to your audio/video materials and your handouts (PDF downloads). This class is available on-demand for one year from the date of purchase. You can listen to it at your convenience by logging into your dashboard and streaming the files from your course classroom.

Even though this is a short introductory course, I don't want to leave you alone without any guidance. So, I'm also including 30 days of access to my search-by-topic archive of recorded support calls and an invitation to join my client-only private Facebook group. There is a community of conscious parents waiting to support you.

Unlock the mystery of your child's behavior. Register for this single-session parenting class, today!


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Working with Lori Petro in person has been an absolute gift from God! The monthly member support calls are invaluable! She has given me the tools to create a cooperative, respectful and connected relationship with my daughter. I am forever grateful to her for the results we experience in our home everyday. We are all so much happier!
Jennifer Miskiel, Pennsylvania

Lori is really great at giving you very clear direction about what to do in your situation. Have no fear! Her knowledge of children’s developmental stages and the information she has combined with a generous heart make her an absolutely amazing resource.
Jennifer Fitch, California

Lori Petro
Lori Petro
Founder & Child Advocate

Lori has helped thousands of parents find peace in their homes. She holds a bachelors in Early Childhood & Elementary Education and a Parent Instructor certification in trauma-informed care. She founded TEACH through Love as a vehicle to help heal multi-generational cycles of fractured family relationships by providing parents with a new framework for conscious parenting and communication.