Create behavioral change that lasts with this conscious parenting primer. | Lori Petro

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It's time to change the way you think.

Would you like to know how to:

  • end the constant arguing?
  • endure and calm explosive behavior?
  • understand and manage your anger?
  • ensure natural consequences are effective?
  • end the battle of everyday routines?
  • have a happier, more peaceful family life?

You are NOT ALONE!

SECRET #1: When kids don't feel like they're being controlled, you won't feel like a Drill Sergeant.

There is no perfection here.

But there are some really GREAT tools you can learn to shift the mood in your home and empower yourself to respond to your kids with confidence and respect - and without using blame, shame, judgment or guilt!

In this 3 Lesson Audio Course you are going to kick-start change and give your kids what they really need willingly listen, contribute and cooperate.

This three-part audio series will:

Outline the steps to transforming how you relate to your children.

Show you what kind of language will entice your children to actually WANT to cooperate.

Increase your influence by showing you how to become a source of trust and non-judgment.

Provide you with tools to control your anger and discover hidden triggers.

Show you how to work with your child's developmental stage.

Give you concrete alternatives to punitive discipline.

This course - with over 4.5 hours of enlightening information about child development, the human brain, behavior - will show you how YOU can transform your parenting!


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Lori, you have transformed our house.
Diane Dawson, California

I can't say enough about the practical advice you get from this seminar! Not only by what Lori teaches, and not only by the examples she offers, but the way she problem solves with the seminar participants and also, just the way she speaks and her demeanor during the seminar! I learned how to speak much calmer and clearer (perfect for kids!) by listening to her example! She also intently listens and strives to understand all the seminar participants- what an excellent example in empathy that was for me, as well. This seminar helped my parenting take a swift turn in the right direction. It's worth every penny.
Soni Albright, California

Lori has a gift for taking the ideas of conscious parenting and making them concrete by teaching us how to communicate in new ways.
Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist & Author of The Conscious Parent

Thank you so much, Lori , for this valuable, supportive and very helpful information. My husband and I feel empowered and comforted ourselves knowing that we now have better tools to be better parents to our son.
Melanie de Assis, California

We recently purchased your series and it is has already touched me so deeply. Your insights are helping me to grieve for my own childhood and to see the patterns that I have been unconsciously repeating. Everything I have ever read about parenting previous to discovering your work has never felt right to me. There has always been a part of me that has known that using my love for children as a way to punish and reward them is just wrong. Reading your work and listening to your classes has helped me to see that my inner voice was right all along. I have done a lot of spiritual and emotional work in my life and one of the concepts that I have spent a lot of time with has been moving from ego to spirit. When I am learning about changing paradigms from fear based parenting to love based parenting, I see this as moving from ego based parenting to spirit based parenting. Everything I am learning in your classes resonates with me on a spiritual level. Thank you so much for making this invaluable information available!! You are truly changing the world with the work that you do!
B. Stanley

Lori is really great at giving you very clear direction about what to do in your situation. Have no fear! Her knowledge of children’s developmental stages and the information she has combined with a generous heart make her an absolutely amazing resource.
Jennifer Fitch, California


Raise Your EQ! Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a clear predictor of your child's future success and your ability to parent effectively. Learn strategies for communicating which will build relationship and increase cooperation!

ANGER! Feelings & Needs
Stress, anger and unmet needs cause both parents and children to REACT instead of RESPOND. Learn how stress and anger can damage the developing brain and how to implement sensory regulation and stress-management tools for the whole family.

Beyond Behavior

Stop yelling, arguing and handing out consequences that don't work. This class will challenge you to re-frame your view of behavior and give you real tools for conflict resolution that remove love as a pawn in an unfair game of discipline.

If you've been trying to...

  • parent gently but get triggered and stuck in angry-mode.
  • understand the behavior of those sweet, precious kids who can drive you really batty!
  • shift into a more conscious approach but feel at a loss for what to say or do.

Then, this Starter Series is for YOU!
Program includes:

  1. 3 audio lessons (approx. 90 min each) available for instant download and on demand streaming.
  2. Conscious Communication Printable Cards PDF
  3. Bonus Q&A session audio
  4. 30 days of LIVE Q&A support (2 calls - also recorded).

This transformational series will outline the steps to making BIG changes that last!

The number one reason that most people revert back into unconscious habits is because they aren't able to maintain a network of support and team up with others who can provide an empathetic ear and some sage wisdom.

I'm not going to let that happen to you.

That is why in addition to your 4 + hours of content and bonuses, you will also receive 30 days of bi-monthly LIVE support, and an invitation to join our private Facebook Group - The TEACH Family Forum. You will have 24/7 access to supportive folks from all around the world - all on the same conscious journey as you!


All digital product sales are final, please purchase with care.

Lori Petro
Lori Petro
Speaker & Child Advocate

Lori has helped thousands of parents find peace in their homes. She holds a bachelors in Early Childhood & Elementary Education and founded TEACH through Love as a vehicle to help heal multi-generational cycles of fractured family relationships by providing parents with a new framework for conscious parenting and communication.

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