Reduce the Power Struggles That Keep You Stuck & Set Effective Limits

5 Ways to Set Limits Without Being Unkind or Punitive w/ Lori Petro (40 min)

Running on empty, ready to explode, and wishing you could just snap your fingers, and magically, your kids would do what they're asked? This class is for you!

Navigate Sensory Struggles with a Diet of Connection and Play.

Helping Kids With Sensory Challenges w/ Lori Petro & Greg Santucci, OT (45 min)

Want to know how to navigate your child's sensory struggles with a diet of connection and play? Wondering if you should even seek an evaluation? We break down "Sensory Integration Disorder" with tips and tools to help you and your kids struggle less.

Navigate the Eye-rolls and Emotional Reactions With LESS STRESS!

Talk Without Triggering Your Teen w/ Lori Petro & Amy Bryant, EdS, LPC (60 min)

Teen brains are exploding with change, bursting with curiosity, and craving autonomy. Learn the 3 things teens need as they mature, how to respond to minimize conflict and foster responsibility, and actionable language and strategies for engaging resistant teenagers.

Confusion, Guilt, Anxiety? Struggling to Enjoy Parenting?

Making Conscious Parenting Work: How to Get Out of Your Own Way w/ Lori Petro (40 min)

If your goal is better behavior and a closer relationship with your kids, learn to build a bridge to independence and support their development. I want to help you stop the habits that get in your way of feeling confident in your decisions and enjoying your kids!

Learn How To Stay Connected When Your Kids Are Struggling

Getting Back on Track Using Conscious Communication w/ Lori Petro (2 hrs)

If you're TRYING to be calm and connect with your kids but still wondering, "What do I say?" or "What do I do when my child won't--?" This class + Q&A offers communication tools that empower you to move past roadblocks and positively influence your child’s behavior!